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Areas of Practice
Personal Injury Law*
    Automobile Accidents (Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Pedestrian)  |   Premises Liability  |   Medical Malpractice | Wrongful Death 
(* Free Consultation)
Estate Planning
Last Wills & Testament   |   Medical Powers of of Attorney   |   Statutory Durable Powers of Attorney
HIPAA Medical Authorizations   |   Directives to Physicians (Living Will)   |   Declarations of Guardian
Probate Law
 Estate Administrations  |   Guardianships
Civil Litigation
Contract Disputes   |   Tax Suits   |   Land Disputes
Family Law
Divorce   |    Child Custody   |    Child Support   |    Paternity   |   Premarital Agreements  |   Post-marital Agreements

Criminal Law
Misdemeanors (Class A and Class B)   |   Felonies (State Jail, 2nd, and 3rd Degree)
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Real Estate
Property Taxes   |   Landlord/Tenant Disputes   |   Sales Transactions   |   Commercial Leases
Business Law
    Business Formation |  Non-Profit Designation